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Q2 - Quick Quiz on IPR

Q2 (Quick Quiz) on IPR - 2


1. As per TRIPS, a GI may be automatically invalidated in other countries under a certain situation. What is the situation?

2. What item, patented in 1999 in USA, was meant for the birds?

3. UK-92480, a pharmaceutical compound was patented by Andrew Bell, David Brown and Nichlos Terrent in England. What is the popular name of this compound?

4. Which company registered the first three dimensional trademark, that is internationally recognizable?

5. Which microorganism was modified to eat oil spills and by whom?

6. Which machine is linked to the introduction of copyrights? Whose interest was protected through copyrights at that time?

7. How long should a micro-organism strain be maintained in an IDA? Who is responsible for replenishing the stock of the strain?

8. When was the transistor patented? Who were the inventors?

9. How old do you have to be to apply for and receive a patent?

10. Who was the inventor of “Cotton Gin”? When was the patent granted?

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Q2 (Quick Quiz) on IPR - 1

  1. When was the first Patent Act made in India?
  2. Which came first, Madrid Agreement or Madrid Protocol?
  3. When did the Paris Convention come into existence, 1883, 1886 or 1863?
  4. What does TRIPS stand for? When did it come into operation?
  5. When did India become a Member of PCT?
  6. Name the two most recent treaties of WIPO regarding copyrights?
  7. Name the treaties related to classification of IPR?
  8. What is Pirate Bay?
  9. What popular invention resulted from George deMastral’s walk in a park in Switzerland?
  10. If an invention has been patented by someone else and the patent has expired, can I get a patent on it and why?

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