Advayah - Intellectual Property Advisory and Audit  
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IPR Management, Negotiation, Training and Policies

Advayah is a unique agency headed by a senior technocrat and an IPR professional, a graduate from IIT Kanpur, having long experience in science and technology, S&T policy and planning, technology evaluation and international negotiations.

Our Expertise is in:

  • Management of IPR
  • IPR negotiations
  • IPR policy formulation
  • IPR training
  • IPR audits
  • International IPR issues
  • Technology management
  • Innovation management


Why do you need Advayah - Intellectual Property Advisory and Audit?

The services we offer are:

  • Training
  • Audit
  • Special advisory on contracts dealing with IPR
  • Creating IPR mechanisms within an organisation
  • IPR Policy for academic institutions, R&D organisations and governments
  • IPR Studies
  • Interpretation of patent claims